Jun. 17th, 2013

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--- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] has begun trolling arsenicCatnip [AC]---

GA: Nepeta
GA: Please Respond Once Youre Awake

AC: :33 < *the sl33py kitten blinks and yawns and then curls up tighter with a purrtesting meow*
GA: Shephard Is Going To Go Do That Rite With Those Ants
GA: he Said We Could Come Along And Support Him

AC: :33 < *the kitten p33rs out from under her paws*
AC: :33 < really? :OO

GA: Yes
GA: Plus We Can Go Explore This Jungle

AC: :33 < when is he going purrcisely?
GA: He Was Going To Leave Earlier
GA: But He Said He'd Wait Until I Spoke With You And Karkat

AC: :33 < *ac bounds out of her nest of furs and equips her clothes*
AC: :33 < i can be ready to go in just a few meowments!

GA: Okay
GA: Remember That Its Very Warm Where Were Going

AC: :33 < oh yes
AC: :33 < thats an impurrtant point!
AC: :33 < *ac equips her sl33veless shirt and captchalogues some extra cold water*

GA: I Got My Supplies Together Earlier
GA: We Will See You Soon

AC: :33 < is there anything else i should bring with?
GA: We Will Be Out In The Wilderness
GA: You Would Know Best

AC: :33 < but its not the same wilderness as home!
AC: :33 < but on second thought i guess well n33d most of the same things ...

GA: I Have At least Packed As If I Were Traveling Through My Old Desert
AC: :33 < ok!
AC: :33 < ill be down at the bar in a few minutes
AC: :33 < dont leave without me! :DD

GA: ...
GA: Wait
GA: We Should Probably Tell Karkat We Are Going

AC: :33 < wait
AC: :33 < didnt you already tell him we were invited?

GA: I Sent Him A Message
GA: But He Hasnt Responded

AC: :33 < meowbe i should try
AC: :33 < no he isnt answering me either :((

GA: Well
GA: We Tried

AC: :33 < hes not going to be happy we went without him ://
AC: :33 < meowbe we should bring him back a purresent!

GA: That Should Be Okay

Yes. You will leave Karkat a note telling him that you've gone to a friend's home dimension in order to witness a barbaric rite of passage and hunt in the local jungle, and that you will bring him a souvenir when you come back.

There is no way this can possibly go wrong.


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