nepetaleijon: (*ping!*)
nepetaleijon ([personal profile] nepetaleijon) wrote2012-12-19 10:51 pm

> Nepeta: Host Midsw33p's Vigil.

The path up to Nepeta's cave has been carefully shoveled free of snow.

(Okay, not so much "carefully shoveled" as "joyfully blasted". If there's one thing laser claws are good for that isn't fighting, it's carving through annoying stuff that's in your way. There are a few vitrified and/or half-melted fragments of rock lining the path. Don't worry; none of them are still steaming.)

Up close to the cave mouth, two huge cats have been sculpted out of snow in guarding positions, one on either side of the path such that any visitors will have to pass between them. They look incredibly adorable menacing.

Invited guests are welcome! Uninvited guests will probably be warned off before the cave's automatic defense systems kick in.


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