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Birthdate:Jul 10
Your name is NEPETA LEIJON.

You live in a CAVE that is also a HIVE, but still mostly just a CAVE. You like to engage in FRIENDLY ROLE PLAYING, but not the DANGEROUS KIND. Never the DANGEROUS KIND. It's TOO DANGEROUS! Too many of your good friends have gotten hurt that way.

Your daily routine is dangerous enough as it is. You prowl the wilderness for GREAT BEASTS, and stalk them and take them down with nothing but your SHARP CLAWS AND TEETH! You take them back to your cave and EAT THEM, and from time to time, WEAR THEIR PELTS FOR FUN. You like to paint WALL COMICS using blood and soot and ash, depicting EXCITING TALES FROM THE HUNT! And other goofy stories about you and your numerous pals. Your best pal of all is A LITTLE BOSSY, and people wonder why you even bother with him. But someone has to keep him pacified. If not you, then who? Everyone has an important job to do.

Your trolltag is arsenicCatnip and :33 < *your sp33ch precedes itself with the face of your lusus who is pawssibly the cutest and purrhaps the bestest kitty you have ever s33n!*

What will you do?

Nepeta Leijon is a troll: vaguely humanoid in appearance (although disturbingly different in basic biology), with gray skin and black hair. She is six solar sweeps in age, the rough equivalent of thirteen human years, but is small for her age and frequently seems younger.

She habitually -- by which we mean invariably -- wears black or gray pants and a black t-shirt with a green Leo symbol on it, along with blue furry slippers and tail, usually with a blue furry hood as well. The hood looks as though it were made from the cured skin of the head of an enormous catlike beast. There is a very good reason for this.

As of the point in her canon where she enters Milliways, Nepeta may or may not be dead.

Nepeta is from Homestuck, and is the property of Andrew Hussie. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar and similar venues, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Her spoilerrific wiki page can be found here.

Interests (29):

adorabloodthirsty, alternia, auspisticism, bl00 team, blackrom, cats, claws and teeth, creating new universes, furry, h33 h33 h33, hunting, keeping equius pacified, kismesissitude, kitties, leo, matespritship, moirallegiance, pounce de leon, redrom, roleplaying, roleplaying (the non-dangerous kind), schroedinger, sgrub, shipping, shipping walls, surviving, tea, the veil, wall comics

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