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It's about an hour after sundown; there's still a little light in the sky, enough that it isn't totally black, but there's no trace of direct sunlight left.

Nepeta's scampering happily up one of the mountain trails that doesn't lead to her cave, a yard or so ahead of Shephard.
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He's been over these mountain trails plenty of times since he first found them at Milliways. They're not his mountains, but they'll do right enough, and with that mask of his he can find his way if need be.

"Brought the creel with me," he says. "For takin' all of our catch back."
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"Me, I roast 'em or pan-fry 'em," says Shephard, "but I figured, shit, you do what you want with the ones you catch. Ain't no skin off my nose either way."
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"Never hurts to know more'n one way to treat a fish," Shephard says. "You got a favorite kind?"
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"Huh. Don't think we got those on Earth, but you never know what you're gonna find in the waters around here," he says. "Let's try that part of the stream up ahead. I've been seein' shadows in the deep parts that sure look like fish waiting for supper to me."
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"Yeah, that's probably best," says Shephard, and sets the wicker creel down to one side before producing a fuzzy, feathered lure and attaching it to the end of his line. "Let's see, now..."

Hopefully she won't try to chase it when he casts it, but you never know.
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It's a lucky thing she's good at restraint. Shephard's lures take a while before anything tries to bite. Maybe the fish aren't hungry this evening, or maybe they've already eaten- who knows.

He'll look to Nepeta eventually, and gesture to her to have a go at it her way. No sense being a jerk.
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"'Fraid not," says Shephard equally quietly. "Might not be the right kind today. Happens sometimes. You see what you c'n git and I'll try another spot once you've brought yours in."
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Shephard watches in silence. He can appreciate this kind of thing; before he was transferred to HECU, he maxed out his scores in the Scout Sniper program, and you have to be willing and able to be very, very still until exactly the right moment for that. (Among other things.)
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Shephard darts forward. This, he's got to see. Beats channel cat tickling all hollow.
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"Hot damn!" Shephard lets out a whistle. "You need a hand with that, Nepeta?"
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Oh, this is gonna be messy. He'll just- he's got the creel over here, he'll just... get the pipe wrench out in case she lands it and he has to brain it to keep it from getting away.
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"Judas Priest."

Shephard lunges for whatever part of it he can grab; she's gonna need help with this.
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Yeah, okay, he's dropping onto that thing knee first and pinning as much as his weight will allow. Fuckin' hell no wonder he wasn't getting any bites. This asshole probably ate everything else.
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Right. Fuck the pipe wrench, it's stabbin' time. Shephard's got that combat knife for a goddamn reason, and depressingly, yes, that reason does include the possibility of having to immobilize and/or exsanguinate an otherworldly aquatic monster on a one-to-one basis. Or one-to-two, whatever.
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It's not spitting poison at him and it hasn't deployed a sonic area attack yet. That automatically puts it in, at best, third place for things he does not want to be near.

Doesn't mean he's not going to give slashing it to pieces his absolute best shot on its next pass, you understand.
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"Jesus fucking mother of ass," says Shephard as he wipes at his face with the back of his forearm. "What the hell shit fuck is that thing?"
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Shephard looks at it, thinks about it, and finally nods. "I'mma take your word for it," he says. "I got no idea how to cook it, but it looks like your sort of dinner anyways. You want me to scale it or anything?"
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... troll. They're like that. Karkat did warn him.

"You have fun with that, then," says Shephard, and goes to have a look at the water again. Just in case that thing had friends with a penchant for lunging out of the water in search of revenge. Because it would.
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"Worth a shot, sure," says Shephard. "Maybe the little bastards'll let their guard down now that son of a bitch ain't there no more."
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Hey, some things are best eaten fresh. Maybe not quite that fresh as far as Shephard's concerned, but he's not the one who's a troll, so it's all good.

Besides, there is a seriously sweet spot further down along the mountainside that he's got a real good feeling about.