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There's been a chill in the air these past nights, increasing steadily. The enchanted forest below Nepeta's mountain cave is turning all the colors of fire, including some that require burning some very complicated chemical salts.

Inside the cave it's warm, though. Nepeta is flopped contentedly on a pile of plush stuffed animals, tapping at her tablet and kicking her heels idly in the air above her. She's got a fresh pot of tea, and she's got a plate of cheese toasts ... and she's got company.
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The mountainous forest outside your cave is alive with the usual noises of the early night: leaves rustling, water rushing, creatures hunting and being hunted. Something brightly colored flits through the air, moving more like a fish than a bird, but irresistible either way. Your first pounce misses, but that's all right; that just gives you more time to play.

You chase the colorful prey through the trees, leaping over underbrush and dodging around poisonous thorns and grabbing branches, until the forest gradually-suddenly (in the way of dreamscapes) turns into a suburban lawnring. There's a half-familiar figure there, in a black hat and a long black coat with silver buttons, chasing another of the flitting bird-fish-things through the air, right up until it sees you and stares wide-eyed.

It's familiar, all right.

It's you.

> Nepetas: Staaaaare.


> Skip to waking up.

You wake up in your cave after a series of unimportant dreams that will no doubt prove completely trivial in support of anybody's storyline.

[Alternately: It seems like this dream is too unimportant to remember right now! There's a lot of other stuff going on and it's probably not the best time. Let's come back to this later. Or not. Whatever.]
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Nepeta has had a quiet word with a few of the waitrats, and as a consequence there is one booth in the main bar that's been redecorated for the evening: glossy gray tablecloth, a cluster of creamy-golden candles in elegant silver holders, silver-edged plates of subtly opalescent white glass, chunky crystal goblets, a centerpiece of black-and-gray leaves and twigs studded with amber berries. It didn't seem practical to completely reupholster the seats, but there's a runner of sleek white fur draped over them now, soft and inviting.

(The white fur also serves as an excellent backdrop for Nepeta's fanciest outfit. Which ... yes, she wore it to their last date, but he seemed to like it then, so why shouldn't she wear it again?)

She's waiting, patiently -- or at least with every outward evidence of patience, except perhaps the tiniest twitch at the tip of her tail -- perched on the edge of one of the seats, for Karkat to show up.


Dec. 9th, 2014 11:27 am
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[Out of Milliways, Sort Of:

We have all seized the white perimeter as our own
and reached for a pen if only to show
we did not just laze in an armchair turning pages;
we pressed a thought into the wayside,
planted an impression along the verge.]

[text-only version here]

Outside, snow lies thick on the Milliways grounds. Or at least that part of the Milliways grounds that includes the entrance to the Labyrinth.

It's some distance from that entrance, though, where there seems to be a stirring under the snow. As of something -- or someone -- burrowing up through it.

The head that emerges in a shoosh of scattered snow is possibly familiar to the casual viewer, although less so than usual: the blue fur hood is gone, replaced by a thicker tawny-brown fur hood with tufted ears. The bright eyes that blink up at their surroundings from under the hood, though, are cheerfully yellow as ever.

"We made it!"
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--- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] has begun trolling arsenicCatnip [AC]---

GA: Nepeta
GA: Please Respond Once Youre Awake

AC: :33 < *the sl33py kitten blinks and yawns and then curls up tighter with a purrtesting meow*
GA: Shephard Is Going To Go Do That Rite With Those Ants
GA: he Said We Could Come Along And Support Him

AC: :33 < *the kitten p33rs out from under her paws*
AC: :33 < really? :OO

GA: Yes
GA: Plus We Can Go Explore This Jungle

AC: :33 < when is he going purrcisely?
GA: He Was Going To Leave Earlier
GA: But He Said He'd Wait Until I Spoke With You And Karkat

AC: :33 < *ac bounds out of her nest of furs and equips her clothes*
AC: :33 < i can be ready to go in just a few meowments!

GA: Okay
GA: Remember That Its Very Warm Where Were Going

AC: :33 < oh yes
AC: :33 < thats an impurrtant point!
AC: :33 < *ac equips her sl33veless shirt and captchalogues some extra cold water*

GA: I Got My Supplies Together Earlier
GA: We Will See You Soon

AC: :33 < is there anything else i should bring with?
GA: We Will Be Out In The Wilderness
GA: You Would Know Best

AC: :33 < but its not the same wilderness as home!
AC: :33 < but on second thought i guess well n33d most of the same things ...

GA: I Have At least Packed As If I Were Traveling Through My Old Desert
AC: :33 < ok!
AC: :33 < ill be down at the bar in a few minutes
AC: :33 < dont leave without me! :DD

GA: ...
GA: Wait
GA: We Should Probably Tell Karkat We Are Going

AC: :33 < wait
AC: :33 < didnt you already tell him we were invited?

GA: I Sent Him A Message
GA: But He Hasnt Responded

AC: :33 < meowbe i should try
AC: :33 < no he isnt answering me either :((

GA: Well
GA: We Tried

AC: :33 < hes not going to be happy we went without him ://
AC: :33 < meowbe we should bring him back a purresent!

GA: That Should Be Okay

Yes. You will leave Karkat a note telling him that you've gone to a friend's home dimension in order to witness a barbaric rite of passage and hunt in the local jungle, and that you will bring him a souvenir when you come back.

There is no way this can possibly go wrong.
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It is an ancient troll tradition -- one of the few that doesn't involve murdering each other -- to gather behemoth leavings at the turn of the sweep, to celebrate the end of an old year and the start of a new one. The Milliways trolls have divided the tasks between them; Karkat and Kanaya hunting a behemoth leaving, and Nepeta agreeing to stay behind and hunt for materials to decorate it.

Maybe Nepeta's hunt wasn't as dramatic as Karkat and Kanaya's -- and oh, is she ever going to paint that story -- but it was definitely as successful, and she's had some time in her cave to put some of her findings together into proper Twelfth Perigee's Eve decorations. Not all of them, though, which is why when she enters the bar by way of the rear door, she is carrying an enormous heap of assorted ... stuff. Strips of furry and scaly hide, feathers in bunches, things that might be claws, a few evergreen branches, and quite a lot of less identifiable things. Captchaloguing all of this might have been smart, but she's not sure she could find it all again.

Meanwhile Karkat has finished nailing the antlers they brought back to a crosspiece (accomplished while Kanaya was messaging Nepeta to come) and is now putting on the first round of decorations; he is (trying to) top each projection of the antlers with a candle. Since the antlers are twice as long as he is tall and a little higher than the top of his head, he may need the box Kanaya's holding off to one side patiently, waiting for him to give up. Periodically he equips his megaphone and invites the bar proper to an exceedingly multicultural fucking experience.

Anyone want to come have one? Drape a few chains of bird claws or demon bunny teeth over the antlers, or use the crayons and paper to make some slightly more human-friendly decorations. Or feel free to just stand there. And watch.
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The path up to Nepeta's cave has been carefully shoveled free of snow.

(Okay, not so much "carefully shoveled" as "joyfully blasted". If there's one thing laser claws are good for that isn't fighting, it's carving through annoying stuff that's in your way. There are a few vitrified and/or half-melted fragments of rock lining the path. Don't worry; none of them are still steaming.)

Up close to the cave mouth, two huge cats have been sculpted out of snow in guarding positions, one on either side of the path such that any visitors will have to pass between them. They look incredibly adorable menacing.

Invited guests are welcome! Uninvited guests will probably be warned off before the cave's automatic defense systems kick in.

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Somewhere in the distance, farther away from the splintery cracks: a faint shimmer.

AC: :33 < there's something ofur there!
AC: :33 < i ...
AC: :33 < i think its a place?
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It's a pretty high-level motif, combining Heart and Space in unexpected ways: with every beat, systole-diastole, one troll and then the other vanishes and reappears a few feet away.

Which means that one moment Kanaya is on her own, and then beat she's gone and Nepeta has appeared behind the synth facing her, claws scissoring shut on what passes for its neck. Beat and Nepeta's gone, Kanaya reappearing to turn on the next foe; there's a show of teeth from both troll and her chainsaw, and she manages to carve a good chunk out of one of their larger synths before beat, and she's winking out of existence once more.

This time, something

Beat: Nepeta is about a foot to the left of where she expected to be, whirling to stab through an attacker's face.

Beat: Kanaya is some four feet distant.

Beat: Nepeta is about three yards away, alarm flashing in her face.

Beat: Something seems to twist when Kanaya appears almost ten yards away, looking stricken.

(In Nepeta's head:


There's a concussive shock that hits a half-second too soon, when both of them are half out of phase, precisely in time with a sickening counterpulse from without.

Bea --


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It's about an hour after sundown; there's still a little light in the sky, enough that it isn't totally black, but there's no trace of direct sunlight left.

Nepeta's scampering happily up one of the mountain trails that doesn't lead to her cave, a yard or so ahead of Shephard.
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AC: :33 < *ac pads out of her cave yawning yawnishly with both mouths*
AC: :33 < *she pawses on the whelping stoop for a good stretch and then waves to her dragonyyyd visitor!*
AC: :33 < *oh yes says ac with one last contented stretch*
AC: :33 < *she licks her paw with one mouth to wash her face and k33ps speaking with the other*
AC: :33 < would you purrhaps like to hunt with me tonight? *she asks*
GC: HMM...
AC: :33 < *ac shrugs and sits down on the whelping stoop wrapping her long tail around her forepaws*
AC: :33 < what do you want to do then?
AC: :33 < *she asked that*
GC: >:/
AC: :33 < wait i remembpurr this one!
AC: :33 < we roleplayed going hunting together and bringing down a giant wingbeast
GC: > :?
AC: : 33 < dont you?
AC: :33 < give it a try
AC: :33 < what happurned after we slaughtered the wingbeast?
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She can't find Karkat anywhere.

He wouldn't have gone back home without telling her, though. Not on purpose. So ... if he isn't here, and he hasn't gone back home, then he has to be somewhere else. Somewhere between.

Neither here nor there.

She can't go back to her cave yet, but she builds herself a little fort out of pillows in Kanaya's room. Sort of a cave. Sort of a hideout.

There could be paintings on the walls, if this were her cave. Or ...

> Nepeta: Dream.
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--- arsenicCatnip [AC] has begun trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ---

AC: :33 < psst
AC: :33 < kanaya?

GA: ...
GA: Nepeta
GA: Are You Not Supposed To Be On Your Date
GA: If He Stood You Up Just Wait Until I Get My Luminescent Hands On Him

AC: :33 < no no we're on the date!
AC: :33 < just checking in eeeeeeeeee
AC: :33 < *ac flails a little*

GA: Ah
GA: I Assume It Is Going Well Then

AC: :33 < yesssss
AC: :33 < we are having a fancy furmal dinner
AC: :33 < and karkitty is wearing a suit
AC: :33 < :DD!

GA: No
GA: Really
GA: A Suit
GA: Of His Own Free Will

AC: :33 < yes really a suit!
AC: :33 < kanaya
AC: :33 < he looks so
AC: :33 < i cant even

GA: Articulate
GA: Heh
GA: I Am Glad You Are Having A Good Time So Far
GA: But Really You Both Do Mean A Great Deal To Me
GA: I Am Glad That You Two Are Taking The Chance To Be Happy With One Another
GA: I Know You Both Certainly Deserve It
GA: I Was Honestly Impressed That It Was His Own Initiative That Had Him Ask You Out
GA: I Know He Was Nervious About Things Before
GA: After You Two Had That Feelings Jam
GA: This Makes Me Think Though
GA: I Have Been Putting Off A Conversation With Rose For Quite Some Time

AC: :33 < sorry for the pawse! we just finished eating
AC: :33 < and were about to watch a meowvie
AC: :33 < what kind of confursation with rose?

GA: That Is Fine
GA: I Suspected As Much
GA: And Karkat Does Seem To Have Thought This Date Out Very Nicely
GA: Um
GA: You Do Recall How Humans Have Only One Quadrant

AC: :33 < yes! we were just stalking about that
AC: :33 < sort of
AC: :33 < beclawse of human romantic comedies

GA: Well Aparently It Is A Thing Of Theirs That A Human Has To Be Something Called A Homosexual Or A Bisexual
GA: To Have What Accounts For Their Quadrant With Someone Of The Same Gender

AC: :33 < ... really?
GA: I Know Right
GA: Why Is This A Thing

AC: :33 < *ac rumples up her nose a little in bemewsment*
AC: :33 < humans are so purrculiar

GA: They Can Be
GA: But They Can Be Quite Endearing As Well

AC: :33 < oh, so wait --
AC: :33 < ...
AC: :33 < oh.

GA: I Just
GA: Want To Know If I Should Even Get My Hopes Up For My Flushed Quadrant Again

AC: :33 < so
AC: :33 < is rose a homeowsexual?

GA: I Do Not Know
GA: Thus The Reasoning Behind My Speaking With Her
GA: Though To Be Honest Im Not Certain How I Would Even Begin To Bring It Up

AC: :33 < well
AC: :33 < how do humans find out? about each other?

GA: I Admit To Being Woefuly Ignorant Of That Subject
GA: Perhaps I Will Ask Karkat For His Opinion
GA: Or Borrow Some Of His Movies
GA: Or Possibly Just Feel This Out For Myself
GA: I Do Not Want The Same Thing That Happened With Vriska
GA: To Happen Between Rose And I
GA: I Do Not Want To Be Left Pining
GA: When I Had No Chance At All
GA: She Means Too Much To Me For That
GA: Gog
GA: I Dont Even Know What Im Saying Anymore

AC: :33 < *ac hugs you*
AC: :33 < you do know!
AC: :33 < you should tell her
AC: :33 < or ask her
AC: :33 < then one way or another at least youll know

GA: But What If She Hates Me Afterwards
GA: Doesnt Want To Be Friends Anymore
GA: What If The Thought Disgusts Her

AC: :33 < that would be pawful. :((
AC: :33 < but
AC: :33 < would it purrhaps be not so pawful as being left pining when theres no chance at all?

GA: Logically
GA: I Know That
GA: But
GA: Its Hard

AC: :33 < i know :((
GA: Sorry
GA: Im Talking About Myself
GA: When Youre The One On The Date

AC: :33 < its okay!
AC: :33 < im not so nervous anymore
AC: :33 < *ac purrs at you*

GA: Im Glad To Have Brought You Some Peace Of Mind
AC: :33 < i hope you get some too!
AC: :33 < theres someowne out there fur everyone, kanaya!
AC: :33 < and youll find yours soon.

GA: Thank You
GA: Im Still A Little Nervious
GA: But I Feel A Little Better

GA: ...
GA: Are You Still There Nepeta

AC: :33 < *ac rolls on her back and paws at the air*
AC: :33 < sorryyyyy
AC: :33 < things are going
AC: :33 < um
AC: :33 < well :DD
AC: :33 < tell you efurything later!

GA: Okay
GA: As Long As Eveything Is Going Alright
GA: I Will Talk To You Later Then

AC: :33 < kanaya
AC: :33 < we just said goodnight
AC: :33 < and karkat kissed me
AC: :33 < *ac cant stop purring*

GA: Oh My
GA: That Is Quite The End To A Lovely Evening

AC: :33 < it was ameowzing
AC: :33 < kanaya thank you thank you for efurything!
AC: :33 < *ac hugs you more!*

GA: I Merely Gave You The Tools To Utilize Your Charm To Its Fullest
GA: There Is No Need To Thank Me

AC: :33 < and i think im falling asl33p
AC: :33 < can we have a f33lings jam about it tomeowrrow?

GA: Of Course Nepeta
GA: Just Send Me A Message

AC: :33 < yaaay :DD
AC: :33 < goodnight kanaya!

GA: Goodnight
GA: Pleasant Dreams
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Three hours, Future Karkat said in the memo.

That gives her enough time to build the fire up, and heat water for tea, and try rearranging the fur pile, and wish she had time to hunt and roast something so she could offer him food when he comes, and consider running down to the bar to get cookies or something, and change her mind, and change her mind again, and rearrange the fur pile again, and finally perch on the rock outcropping outside her cave to see if she can see him coming.

And dive back into the cave as soon as she's sure she does.
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