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Nepeta has had a quiet word with a few of the waitrats, and as a consequence there is one booth in the main bar that's been redecorated for the evening: glossy gray tablecloth, a cluster of creamy-golden candles in elegant silver holders, silver-edged plates of subtly opalescent white glass, chunky crystal goblets, a centerpiece of black-and-gray leaves and twigs studded with amber berries. It didn't seem practical to completely reupholster the seats, but there's a runner of sleek white fur draped over them now, soft and inviting.

(The white fur also serves as an excellent backdrop for Nepeta's fanciest outfit. Which ... yes, she wore it to their last date, but he seemed to like it then, so why shouldn't she wear it again?)

She's waiting, patiently -- or at least with every outward evidence of patience, except perhaps the tiniest twitch at the tip of her tail -- perched on the edge of one of the seats, for Karkat to show up.

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