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--- arsenicCatnip [AC] has begun trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ---

AC: :33 < psst
AC: :33 < kanaya?

GA: ...
GA: Nepeta
GA: Are You Not Supposed To Be On Your Date
GA: If He Stood You Up Just Wait Until I Get My Luminescent Hands On Him

AC: :33 < no no we're on the date!
AC: :33 < just checking in eeeeeeeeee
AC: :33 < *ac flails a little*

GA: Ah
GA: I Assume It Is Going Well Then

AC: :33 < yesssss
AC: :33 < we are having a fancy furmal dinner
AC: :33 < and karkitty is wearing a suit
AC: :33 < :DD!

GA: No
GA: Really
GA: A Suit
GA: Of His Own Free Will

AC: :33 < yes really a suit!
AC: :33 < kanaya
AC: :33 < he looks so
AC: :33 < i cant even

GA: Articulate
GA: Heh
GA: I Am Glad You Are Having A Good Time So Far
GA: But Really You Both Do Mean A Great Deal To Me
GA: I Am Glad That You Two Are Taking The Chance To Be Happy With One Another
GA: I Know You Both Certainly Deserve It
GA: I Was Honestly Impressed That It Was His Own Initiative That Had Him Ask You Out
GA: I Know He Was Nervious About Things Before
GA: After You Two Had That Feelings Jam
GA: This Makes Me Think Though
GA: I Have Been Putting Off A Conversation With Rose For Quite Some Time

AC: :33 < sorry for the pawse! we just finished eating
AC: :33 < and were about to watch a meowvie
AC: :33 < what kind of confursation with rose?

GA: That Is Fine
GA: I Suspected As Much
GA: And Karkat Does Seem To Have Thought This Date Out Very Nicely
GA: Um
GA: You Do Recall How Humans Have Only One Quadrant

AC: :33 < yes! we were just stalking about that
AC: :33 < sort of
AC: :33 < beclawse of human romantic comedies

GA: Well Aparently It Is A Thing Of Theirs That A Human Has To Be Something Called A Homosexual Or A Bisexual
GA: To Have What Accounts For Their Quadrant With Someone Of The Same Gender

AC: :33 < ... really?
GA: I Know Right
GA: Why Is This A Thing

AC: :33 < *ac rumples up her nose a little in bemewsment*
AC: :33 < humans are so purrculiar

GA: They Can Be
GA: But They Can Be Quite Endearing As Well

AC: :33 < oh, so wait --
AC: :33 < ...
AC: :33 < oh.

GA: I Just
GA: Want To Know If I Should Even Get My Hopes Up For My Flushed Quadrant Again

AC: :33 < so
AC: :33 < is rose a homeowsexual?

GA: I Do Not Know
GA: Thus The Reasoning Behind My Speaking With Her
GA: Though To Be Honest Im Not Certain How I Would Even Begin To Bring It Up

AC: :33 < well
AC: :33 < how do humans find out? about each other?

GA: I Admit To Being Woefuly Ignorant Of That Subject
GA: Perhaps I Will Ask Karkat For His Opinion
GA: Or Borrow Some Of His Movies
GA: Or Possibly Just Feel This Out For Myself
GA: I Do Not Want The Same Thing That Happened With Vriska
GA: To Happen Between Rose And I
GA: I Do Not Want To Be Left Pining
GA: When I Had No Chance At All
GA: She Means Too Much To Me For That
GA: Gog
GA: I Dont Even Know What Im Saying Anymore

AC: :33 < *ac hugs you*
AC: :33 < you do know!
AC: :33 < you should tell her
AC: :33 < or ask her
AC: :33 < then one way or another at least youll know

GA: But What If She Hates Me Afterwards
GA: Doesnt Want To Be Friends Anymore
GA: What If The Thought Disgusts Her

AC: :33 < that would be pawful. :((
AC: :33 < but
AC: :33 < would it purrhaps be not so pawful as being left pining when theres no chance at all?

GA: Logically
GA: I Know That
GA: But
GA: Its Hard

AC: :33 < i know :((
GA: Sorry
GA: Im Talking About Myself
GA: When Youre The One On The Date

AC: :33 < its okay!
AC: :33 < im not so nervous anymore
AC: :33 < *ac purrs at you*

GA: Im Glad To Have Brought You Some Peace Of Mind
AC: :33 < i hope you get some too!
AC: :33 < theres someowne out there fur everyone, kanaya!
AC: :33 < and youll find yours soon.

GA: Thank You
GA: Im Still A Little Nervious
GA: But I Feel A Little Better

GA: ...
GA: Are You Still There Nepeta

AC: :33 < *ac rolls on her back and paws at the air*
AC: :33 < sorryyyyy
AC: :33 < things are going
AC: :33 < um
AC: :33 < well :DD
AC: :33 < tell you efurything later!

GA: Okay
GA: As Long As Eveything Is Going Alright
GA: I Will Talk To You Later Then

AC: :33 < kanaya
AC: :33 < we just said goodnight
AC: :33 < and karkat kissed me
AC: :33 < *ac cant stop purring*

GA: Oh My
GA: That Is Quite The End To A Lovely Evening

AC: :33 < it was ameowzing
AC: :33 < kanaya thank you thank you for efurything!
AC: :33 < *ac hugs you more!*

GA: I Merely Gave You The Tools To Utilize Your Charm To Its Fullest
GA: There Is No Need To Thank Me

AC: :33 < and i think im falling asl33p
AC: :33 < can we have a f33lings jam about it tomeowrrow?

GA: Of Course Nepeta
GA: Just Send Me A Message

AC: :33 < yaaay :DD
AC: :33 < goodnight kanaya!

GA: Goodnight
GA: Pleasant Dreams